Will ‘Captain Marvel’ Give Phil Coulson Fans A Look At His “First Rodeo?”

For a man without any powers and at first glance might look like an accountant, Phillip J. Coulson certainly gets around and appears to have his foot in a lot of doors. Think back to the beginning of the MCU and Iron Man. When Coulson talked to Tony Stark (after he was able to spit out the whole Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division title), he mentioned to him that his present situation was “not his first rodeo” when it came to involvement with powered individuals.

So if THAT wasn’t his first rodeo, what WAS his first rodeo? Perhaps his involvement with a certain powerful heroine with the initials of CD or CM? Entertainment Weekly recently caught up to Clark Gregg who plays the popular Shield Agent and sometimes Director, and asked him if his appearance in the upcoming Captain Marvel will show his fans that “first rodeo?”

“This might be the rodeo,” Gregg explains. “It’s one of them, for sure.”

Gregg was also asked what the younger Coulson was like in the 90s:

“He’s a relatively new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who is obsessed with MC Hammer and dresses just like him, and it makes Director Fury so angry,” Gregg quips. “The genie pants don’t really go with the Armani.”

Considering Gregg is the man that dressed up like Britney Spears performing ”Toxic” for Lip Sync Battle, (see below) seeing him in “Hammer Pants” doesn’t seem like a huge stretch. Are you Agents of Shield and Phil Coulson fans ready to see what a Rookie Shield Agent Coulson is like? Share your thoughts with us at GVNation.