Will We See Patrick Stewart as Professor-X In Legion?


Legion will be ending with its third season and with the upcoming season yet to air, Harry Lloyd will be portraying the well-known character – Professor-X. As cool as it is to have another adaptation of the leader of the X-Men in a live-action capacity, people are wondering if we’ll ever see Patrick Stewart reprise his role again since the movie Logan, where Charles met his horrific end.

Main star of Legion, Dan Stevens; commented on the possibility of Stewart appearing on the show for its final season:

“I keep pitching it to him, and he seems game. But yeah you have to ask [producer] Lauren Shuler Donner, really, it’s not my job. But there is definitely some, I don’t know if I can say,” Stevens teased. “We definitely catch a glimpse of Charles Xavier in this season. And yeah it’s great to sort of bring that into play. If this is the question I get asked the second most I think, after where can I get [Shadow King actor] Navid Negahban’s sunglasses from Season 2, is will we see Charles Xavier. And yeah, I can answer the second one, I can’t tell you where the sunglasses come from. But yeah, he will be making an appearance. Which is great.”

Producer Jeph Loeb teased that showrunner Noah Hawley will be giving an amazing third season:

“What I do give credit, enormous credit to Noah for is that he took a character who, I think arguably, people would say the most interesting thing about him is that he’s Charles Xavier’s son. And Noah basically said, ‘That’s true, and we may get to that, or we may not get to that. But, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to tell you a story that doesn’t depend on that particular element, and I can show you how rich this character is, and how rich the characters around him are. And I’m going to create a world and an environment, and tell you a story that you’ve never seen before.'”

Would you like to see Stewart appear in the third season of Legion?

Source: CB