Wonder Woman 1984’s Chris Pine Talks About Difference Between First Film and Second


Wonder Woman 1984 is a year away, but we’re super excited for the next installment in the Wonder Woman franchise. Actor Chris Pine, who plays love interest Steve Trevor; recently sat with Robin Wright for Variety’s Actors on Actors. In this one on one, Pine delves into the differences between the first movie and the second, though he didn’t dive into how Trevor is alive considering it was heavily implied he died in Wonder Woman and even Justice League.

Here is the transcript of Pine’s answer:

“What I think defines this series and perhaps the character, and certainly Patty’s interest, is redefining the notion of a hero’s journey as we know it. Whereby, this is a woman, a superhero, defined by her capacity to love. I’ll say no more, but I think, I hope audiences are moved in unexpected ways because they’re expecting something… I’ll probably get a phone call from Warner Bros. for even saying this… yada yada, blah blah, I think you get my point.

What I’ve found this time, the tables had turned on me as a man in terms of how I interacted and played on screen. I loved my lady. I loved, as the character, my woman. My partner. She’s my partner. So that came to define this man. What a wonderful thing as a character, be in love, as a man on screen in a big film.

It was interesting. My ego comes out, and I told Patty all the time, ‘I want the big f–king fight. Let me climb something! I want to destroy!’ And she’s like, ‘No. Not about you.’ And I’m like, ‘God damn it.’ She said, ‘Not about you’ more times making this film. I could look good in thigh-high boots and a short skirt, I mean, come on.

We’re still super curious as to not only how Steve Trevor is back, but why he appears to have not aged at all. From the sounds of this interview, he is the same Steve – some theories said he wasn’t – and that makes us just that much more confused.”

It will be interesting to see Pine’s involvement in 1984. What are your theories? Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters June 5, 2020.

Source: Batman News