Wynonna Earp’s Renewal Was an Act of Confidence

At San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st, the SyFy show Wynonna Earp was officially renewed for a fourth season. The third season had not yet premiered, but the studio had already decided that this fan-favorite series deserved another season. Wynonna Earp follows the story of its title character returning to her hometown to fight off the resurrected demons who had once been killed by her great, great grandfather, historical legend Wyatt Earp. Wynonna Earp has been praised for its strong female character and its positive representation of the LGBT.

Wynonna Earp being renewed for a fourth season is a usual move for the SyFy and Space channels, as they typically like to wait until they see how a show is fairing before deciding to renew it. Still, Wynonna Earp has a mighty fan base, so it was an exciting moment in the hall during SDCC for the announcement to be dropped.

“It’s a huge vote of confidence,” Jordy Randall says. “That’s a compliment to everybody who makes the show. I also think it’s a vote of respect to the fandom. The fans are so into it and so passionate for the show and the network sees that and made a decision and is really saying to the fandom ‘Your passion counts. We care.’”

You can catch new episodes of Wynonna Earp every Friday on the SyFy and Space channel at 9 pm, as well as being able to watch episodes on the SyFy website. Filming for the fourth season is expected to start filming in 2019.