Young Justice Outsiders Review


Young Justice Outsiders (2019)

This comic will be on the DC Universe app only for everyone to get ready for the show to finally come back.

This is a great way to get us, Young Justice fans, back into the groove for Young Justice. In this comic, we see Connor, Superboy, M’gann, Miss Martian, Barbra Gordan, Batgirl, and Garfield, Beast Boy. Connor and M’gann are broke up but still work together as a team. You can still feel the separation between the two.

I really love the way the set up the story, showing Connor and M’gann having tension between each other and in their mission, they have to capture Psimon but M’gann got distracted and Superboy and Beast Boy got trapped inside M’gann mind reliving the life as Hello, Magan.

In this Superboy had to apologize to M’gann for what he did to push her away and the fact that he apologized shows how much his character has progressed throughout the show and that excites me to see how the other characters have progressed.