Zack Snyder Confirms Another New God Was Part of The SnyderCut


Zack Snyder has been very open with fans on Vero when it comes to Justice League and what was in his version of the film. Snyder has released several images not seen in the version Warner Bros. released in theaters back in 2017.  There were scenes removed especially involving Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Ezra Miller’s Flash.

Snyder released an image last week of a young Darkseid that really had fans wanting to see the SnyderCut. It’s been confirmed that Ray Porter did voice work and motion capture for Darkseid and there is even a tease of his Darkseid voice. Now we have confirmation from Snyder himself that another New God would have been in the film.  A scene cut from the film but was heavily used in the trailers had Steppenwolf delivering this ominous quote

No protectors here, No Lanterns, No Kryptonian…this world will fall like all the others

A user on Vero actually reached out to Zack and asked him about that quote and who was Steppenwolf talking to. Many assumed Darkseid but in fact it was Desaad.

Desaad is a New God and follower of Darkseid who does his dirty work who was created by Jack Kirby.

It sounds like Snyder was creating quite an epic Justice League film that fans around the world hope they will see one day but until that day comes we look forward to more goodies from Zack Snyder.

Snyder is currently working on his zombie apocalypse film, Army of the Dead starring Dave Bautista.