Zack Snyder Reveals His Version of The Justice League


Zack Snyder has been increasingly popular since 2013 Man of Steel film. Gained new fans and received many criticisms from comic book readers and critics for his tone in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman and decisions that some felt did not fit the character. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny he has been receiving a lot of attention; especially because of the infamous Snyder Cut version of Justice League. During a Batman vs Superman Q&A Session, Snyder revealed some major details about his vision of the DCEU, certain character choices, and more.


After the negative reception from Batman vs Superman, Warner Bros. went to Snyder and Chris Terrio (writer for Batman vs Superman, co-wrote Justice League) and told them to rewrite the script:


So the original version was never filmed as they had to rewrite the script.


Snyder further revealed his plans for the Justice League films. Including some interesting twists:

Darkseid comes and not only defeats the Justice League in the beginning but also uses the Anti-Life Equation to control Superman while Flash, Batman, and the other members travel back in time and alter the past that will come full circle when the famous ‘Knightmare’ scene from Batman vs Superman comes as a reality. This is apparently the original idea before Warner Bros. told Snyder to change the story.

Sadly, nobody in the audience apparently asked if there is a ‘Snyder Cut’ which is incredibly surprising seeing as that is the biggest controversy surrounding Snyder. Tell us your thoughts. How do you feel about Snyder’s version of the DCEU?