Zoe Saldana Shares Video of Gamora BTS For Avengers: Endgame

We’re only a few months away from Avengers: Endgame and while many perished in Infinity War, we know that at least a few characters are making a return in the fourth Avengers. Actress Zoe Saldana, who plays Gamora in the MCU; recently shared a behind the scenes video of her makeup removal on Instagram.

If you remember, Gamora was killed by Thanos in Infinity War so that he could obtain the soul stone. This death was stark and tragic and attempted to be justified by the mad titan. It’s obvious we will see Gamora again based on this video, but I am more interested in her tags “adios Gamora…for now at least!” So, what happens to Gamora in Endgame? Is this referencing that perhaps we won’t be getting Gamora back and maybe these reshoots are flashbacks? Or is this an acknowledgment that we’ll see her back whenever the third Guardians of the Galaxy happens?

Either way, we’ll have to wait until April 26th to find out!